Asu no Yoichi – Episode 2 (Welcome to Yokko)


In This Episode yoichi when to school become a chick magnet, get beat-up by ibuki (jealous i think), wa-san pick a fight with yoichi in school. Wa-san get beat-up, ibuki help give wa-san abit of moral support, after school yoichi got fever. Tsundere sister ayame cook congee (wat the hell is congee??) for yoichi.. but fail, loli sis kagome help up.

Tunsdere sis saw yoichi n big breast sis ibuki on love dovey scene, got jelous run away & fell, yoichi save congee & eat. Tunsdere smile. At The end yoichi got beat-up wit Tsundere, next episode 2 new enemy appear… 

Overall the episode were ok, as we can see kinda mix with ecchi & beat-up yoichi scene, quite funny & decent to watch. Also Wa-san tent to get the wrong idea in each situation, wonder all bad guys like tat lolz.


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