Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinseiki Evangelion, NGE


Neon Genesis Evangelion, it’s quite nostalgic to hear that anime name, it’s seem so long i havent touch it but quite offen see the character in wallpaper, figure etc. Yeah i’m a evangelion fan, one of those not-so-die-hard fans, went i first know that anime it was when i bought my 1st anime VCD the very 1st anime i pre-order it from a local megazine, for those who live at malaysia should know the name “Majalah Gempak” (Impact Magazine). It was 1998 back then, when i receive the anime, i would stay awake for 2 day without sleep just to finish watching the anime. I was really obsess with anime, it mecha, plot, the love, the hatred, everything especially heroin of the anime, Ayanami Rei. At that time, Each time i surf the web i will google anything that related to her, u say it from anime to hentai.. huhu

NGE suddenly came out from a blue today, was surfing and suddenly saw an old blog it’s was ryukawa’s ( make me remember the old days.. lolz…

Anyway, here’s some screen shot from a 12 year old anime. Even it’s been 12 years i still think people remember this anime 🙂


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