Revoltech – Saber Alter

Saber Alter from revoltech, the quality of the figure are quite good, only that i find it hard to stand on its own. Other then that is ok. 1st of all i didnt intend to buy the saber alter, but was looking figma saber, luckly almost all the shop ran out of stock for figma saber, and then saw this at xl-shop, grap it and when home..lolz..

Currently this the only picture that i had before going out to the middle east..



 The background are in my bed room, yeah it’s not that nice.. well maybe when i go home i will retake some picture of saber, put it in a nice bakground lolz….saber alter was my 3rd revoltech figure beside Revoltech Rei & Asuka. the design are nice but the joint are not that tight, if u offen play with it it will get loose.

Overall it is a nice action figure to be collected. 🙂


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