Asu no Yoichi – Episode 3 (Strip and Burn)


Some people have to strip to show their true potential,.. i would never do that.. lol.. anyway let’s start the review, in episode 3 a new challenger came to se yoichi, both a girl from the tsubame flowing style, Tsubame Tsukasa and her guardian, takatsukasa angela. Both were send to defeat yoichi inorder to regain financial aid to revieved their fighting style. Tsukasa enter yoichi school with an intention of being a normal girl, but where misunderstood by angela who thought that tsukasa doing it to be closed to yoichi so that she can defeat him. As always yoichi being the chick magnet and get beat up by ibuki. School start and end without any fighting.

After school, Angela fill with despair due to tsukasa action. On the way out tsukasa bump into wa-san and end up liking him. Angela confront tsukasa asking her to defeat yoichi, tsukaksa run away and ran into yoichi and ibuki, angela take that chances to strip tsukasa and automatically tsukasa start to atack yoichi. Angela told yoichi that tsukasa where to shy to fight, so she came up with a training that make her show her true potential when being strip out/ when her embarrassment reaches a maximum. The fight stop when wa-san appear (with his misunderstood thought) and cover tsukasa with his sweater, tsukasa end up running away from the fight. angela went chasing her and told her to fight yoichi, but tsukasa told her that she’s only wanted to be came a normal girl for once, and hated to fight. Angela take action into her own hand and challenge yoichi into a fight, and end up losing after being told by yoichi that money won’t revive their style.

 Next day yoichi and ibuki bump into tsukasa doing a partime job as a delivery girl for a noodle shop and angela working partime in a noodle shop. all end well.

Overall, funny as always and i notice that yoichi will alway get beat up by ibuki at least once in an episode. Tsukasa seem quite a hand full for yoichi, really wonder what will happen if they’re fighting each other. huhu.. wait for the next episode 4, will review it ASAP.. lolz.. hope can catch-up with the time… 🙂


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