Work… Scenery…


Lately, work been catching up to me, they are just like falling from the sky out of notting. I havent post any new review for Asu no Yoichi. Maybe tonite i will post for episode 3, i have already edit for the screen shot and had summaries apart of the episode.


The usual veiw at my desk..

Seriously working in the line construction is not that fun at all for those who like, anime, manga & figure. It will suck u dry.  As far as u can see the all the i can see the whole day are drawing, plan .. really notting here area related to anime & stuff..

but here morning scenery are quite decent, if u look at the sky. I really like look at it (when it’s not hot..) 🙂 here’s some picture tat i taken, but dont expect much from the quality, i’m just using my mobile to take picture now… wait ing til i get back to buy my self a DSLR 😀



Now i’m counting my day waiting for my turn to go home.. it’s quite bored here lo…. 😦


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