Pre-order Figure


Recently i been doing shooping online, and end-up buying alot of stuff.. well these 3 are some of the stuff.. (took the pic on PlayAsia). I pre-oder it last 2 month (november i think) and the item already been sent by post to my home, hopefully it will arrive after 2 week… 

 i’ll do some review went it get back to my home town.. should be on the 20th march, still cant wait to get back huhu…. Here’s some screen shot taken on PlayAsia, i dont have any other pic to show lol..

haruhi mikuru nagato

Well.. there’s also some figure i pre-order from HLJ (Hobby Link Japan), another 3 figure.. Rebuild of Evangelion EX Figure: Rei Ayanami, Rebuild of Evangelion EX Figure: Misato Katsuragi and another one.. i forget already the name.. really hate to login to the account now.. coz of time.. huhu the item should be arriving at my home by monday.. hu~~ still hoping that i was home.. here’s some pic that i took form HLJ….

misato rei

.. at the end hope things all goes well.. 🙂

(oh yeah.. been very busy lately.. with work to catch up.. i havent watch any anime lately… work really annoying)


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