Recent acquired parcel… (part 2)

image006 image0056

My recent haul.. just arrive today at my home (malaysia, currently i’m not there…). The parcel was order from HLJ.. Quite fast only took 1 week to reach my house (i was really impress + using SAL) and also i receive a discount 10% coupon from HLJ due to some error they did when i was ordering it.. The parcel was seal wrap as allways 🙂 here’s some pic..

 image0031 image005 image004 image0

image0001 image0012 image0021

Bought 3 only from HLJ the Rebuild of Evangelion EX Figure: Rei Ayanami, Rebuild of Evangelion EX Figure: Misato Katsuragi and Sunday x Magazine Figure: Kinu Himuro. Figma seto san and VF-25 super pack got it from a local supplier… U guys can see some review for misato at Jay blog (philanime). Later on i’ll give some review on the figure lolz….

Oh yeah.. Sorry for the poor quality picture.. Cant expect much from a phone camera… 😦


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