Asu no Yoichi – Episode 5 (Let’s Go On A Date)


The 5th Episode is kinda like a general episode, can’t expect much. In this episode yoichi got ask for a date from a junior at his school. Ibuki was extremely shock (jealous) and end up with a practice date with yoichi. Ibuki suggested the practice date idea because she don’t want his date to think bad bout her dojo/him/etc.

Ibuki and yoichi went out the next day, ayame accidently saw the both of them and end up spying on them with chihaya & kagome. at day break yoichi meet with the junior who ask him out when ibuki when out to buy drink for them, the girl end up to be an opponent to defeat yoichi sent out by someone with mask. As always yoichi defeat the bad guy and call out chihaya & kagome that where spying on them (ayame already bail out coz cant stand the heat..)

The episode was ok, less eichi level, and more to the development of yoichi and ibuki. seem that ibuki kinda like yoichi coz at the end of the episode yoichi he told ibuki that he decline the date and admit that his not an interesting person to be with, but ibuki say loud and clear that there someone like him.

I’m trying to reduce the screen shot that i take but end up with alot more… really dont know which to choose and put at the review…lolz… 🙂


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