Asu no Yoichi – Episode 9 (Fly to the Fiery Summer Festival)


Fan-services at the begin of the episode.. nice.. anyway.. The episode mainly bout wa-san and ayame, ayame misunderstood wa-san thinking he confessing his love to her. Wa-san invite everyone to asamigawa’s evening festival with some trick on his sleeve but end up with ayame. The bad guy show him & herself to yoichi. The bad guy end up to be a guy who got love struck to ibuki (same case as wa-san even worse). Ibuki won a lottery to a hot spring (was plan by the bad guy & his sis).

The episode was quite good, showing some improvement on wa-san & ayame. Their showing connecting between them, maybe is Wa-sanXayame huhu. Ayame being a tsundare as always make thing slow.. and also not forgetting everyone is wearing a yutaka.. really nice .. especially chihaya.. lol.. maybe next episode got lotta Fan-service hopefully.. 😀

(oh yeah.. i haven’t review episode 6,7,8 … maybe will doit on friday bz lately)


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