Banpresto Upcoming figure & stuff

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Another figure from banpresto, this time is from macross frontier really interesting.. I’ll put it on my buying list. The picture taken from Akibahobby website. the figure are quite tempting espcially klan klang. currently the figure came from Macross Frontier Prize Items, the whole set are around 23,000 yen.


The set comprising of 1x premium Klang Klan, 1x premium Sheryl Nome, 1x premium Ranka Lee, 1x Nyan Nyan resturant bowl, 3x sports towel, 4x Macross F Characters, Sheryl, Ranka, Klang, Alto), 5x Macross F Mechanics (3 valks, 2 Q-Rau) (source from Anime Collectiondx website)


Well this one really d#mn cute.. i’ll be pre-ordering this one to.. (~_~)


2 thoughts on “Banpresto Upcoming figure & stuff

  1. Well i wasnt a pvc collector but recently got poison by play-asia.. but we can pray figma came out with klan klang figma..

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