Asu no Yoichi – Episode 10 – (Struggle to The Death at The Secret Hotsprings)


Eichi Level getting less and less nowday in this anime, well anyway the storry go on~~~.. episode 10, the anime getting abit serious, well just abit.. Yoichi and the gang when to the hot springs that ibuki won. It turn out to be a Huge hot spring spot but none of other visitor were there.

As per previous episode the hot springs were a set-up by the bad guys to lure yoichi into a trap. When they ask the innkeeper why the hot spring was empty, she told that there were evil spirits lurk around a cave near the hot spring. Yoichi & ibuki volunteer to excosise the evil spirit. Their action were predicted by the bad guy and they had set a trap for them. chihaya heard that yoichi & chihaya going to the cave and told ayame to follow then and make a move for yoichi. Chihaya & kagome end up asleep coz they were poison by the bad guy.

At the cave, ibuki and yoichi fell and got separated, yoichi found ayame and turn out to be the bad guy. ibuki were kidnap by the bad guy and paralyse yoichi. They told yoichi to come to the inn to face him. After reaching the inn, yoichi found himself with a handful of enemy (previous and new one). The fight goes on till reach the garden bridge where yoichi lost strength, ayame came out and help yoichi (ayame seem quite skilful). After gaining a moral support from ayame, yoichi search for ibuki and found her. it seem that the bad guy had make ibuki lost her memory.  to be continue~~~ I was hoping that yoichi would find himself a good fight but at the end all his opponent went down with just one blow… really… he is that powerful???


2 thoughts on “Asu no Yoichi – Episode 10 – (Struggle to The Death at The Secret Hotsprings)

  1. My heart lies with Ayame. :p
    I like how she portrays her crush on Yoichi. Acting tough but still shy. My weakness. Lol!

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