ACGC 2009 (Day 2-part 1 of 2)


Still editing the photo for ACGC 2009 day 2… i still cannot sleep, still in jetlag.. (@_@) , Day 2 of ACGC 2009 was really tiring, due to some couse, i can only sleep for 3 hours on the nite of day 1… anyway.. There were alot of cosplayer in day 2 compare to day 1, but some are missing like hatsu miku ( i was hopping she would come coz rin & raito were there), sakura, trap etc.

Yuki still looking at me ....
Yuki still looking at me ….

(Nenadroid-petit nagato yuki bought at acgc was luck get yuki..) Most of my photo are focusing at the cosplayer.. but.. it seem that my equipment r still not enough due to this my photo came out not exactly what i expected..


Their from the anime xx-holic.. i did watch the anime haft way… but i really dont know this character.. lolz…

Rin & Raito

Rin & kaito making a post to each other.. i was wondering where’s rin??


The judge for day 2, er… they didnt change the judge.. do get what i mean???


This one is also another anime i dont kno~~~ i already ask them.. but forgot already the name.. sorry.. but nice cosplaying.. 🙂


Sailor Mars.. yup only her… other sailor absent that day…

img_1130 img_1082

I really wanna be alto that day.. Lucky b@strd……. seem that they had 2 ranka, 2 alto and 2 sherly.. which do guys think the best??


Only klan klang didnt have a double…


another anime i forgot the name… man..nowday got lotta anime..


Rosen maiden.. cute one also… i think there should be a wing right?

Day 2 where the solo event start, only 19 participent .. i wonder why those other cosplayer didnt joint in.. 😦 if not it would be nice… huhu.. some of the event photo will be posted on acgc 2009 (day 2 part 2 0f 2) now just closing this thread with just some intro to the cosplayer that have attended.. 🙂

P.S – if you guys/girls wanted the larger version pls notify me (1 pic around 3MB the original size..) 🙂


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