k-ON! – Episode 1

1St impression… 4 girl, Ritsu (drummer), Yui (guitrist), tsumugi (keyboard) and Mio (bass) in a all female high school reviving a light music club with the main character (yui) being a clumsy, clueless, hopeless and no tempo at all.. + should be a great gruitarist but i think she never ever touch one… that would make a anime goes KABOOM..

K-On is one of the most awaited anime for this season, i think.. seem that it look like a suzumiya haruhi wanna bee.. but after watching it, it remind me of a all girl school anime.. dont remember the name… anyway.. K-on start up prety decent with some misunderstanding and comedy.. well just abit. I was expecting the main would be something like haruhi but it was the opposite of her.. well being like Tsukasa (lucky star), hopeless, clumsy and so-on.

The opening and ending theme are quite nice to hear, i remember that the ending song tittle ” Dont Say Lazy’. Overall the start-up are quite good and notting fancy to be said :). another thing the character are same as lucky star main character a tsundare, a moe, an otaku and a hopeless girl lolz……. quite simillar..


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