K-ON episode 2, will post the summary tonite, 1st enjoy the screen shot 🙂 Yui had join the club & decided to buy a guitar, ask the gang for the prices end with a minimum of 50,000.00 yen for a guitar. They went to the music store and yui saw a guitar that she’s interested on that cost her 250,000 yen~~~..  After that the light music club decided to do a partime job to collect money for yui guitar. They got a job as a traffic examination.. (People who count traffic) The job when well end they got the money, but at the end yui decided not to take the money from them and decided to take other guitar that cost lesser. The next day they went to the same shop and tsumugi decided to bargain with the shop keeper to lower the prices for the guitar that yui wanted (the 250,000 yen one). The shop keeper end up selling the guitar for 50,000 yen due to the fact that tsumugi father is the company president …

Overall it’s a decent episode, they show a lot of shy side of Mio (she’s been really cute lately..), yui showing her clumsiness, tsumugi showing her moe moe side.. and ritsu showing her carefree way hu~~.. looking forward to the next episode.. 🙂


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