K-ON! – Episode 3


K-ON! – Episode 3… well screen shoot 1st.. review will be coming up next ^_^ , the light music club having problem with one of the member (yui.. as always) that didnt pass the exam and have to band from doing any club activity after school. Being a carefree high school girl, she didn’t even study for her exam…  (Well.. she pass the entrance exam for the school without study.. really hard to believe this..). The make-up exam will be carry out within a week, yui weren’t allow to do any club activities within that time period. Day gone by yui didnt manage to study fully on her own (she always end up practicing her guitar / cleaning room / read book….). yui turn to mio, the group did a one day cramp study for yui at her house.. they manage to cramp everthing to yui head and the result .. she got a perfect score.. but she loss all data in how to play a guitar (Note – she can only store 1 data at a time).

Overall episode, yui really similar to tsukasa (lucky star seriously…), Mio showing her shy side (she’s getting real hot nowadays wonder when she’s be the main character), ritsu being… ritsu.. all hyper active and tsumugi as always calm and moe.. even when over poring a tea… huhu next episode the girls will be heading to the beach.. Expecting lotta fan service.. ^_^


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