K-ON! – Episode 4


K-ON episode 4 – having hard time with the connection here… so will be posting the summary abit late… (~_~) in the 1st impression .. tsumugi > Mio > Yui > Ritsu, Mio = SUPER MOE, CUTE, ~!@#$ and should be the main character~~!!@_@.

The light music club when for a summer vacation training at tsumugi villa at the beach, Mio proposed to do a summer training after hearing the previous light music club performance, she was shock knowing that the member before them are good and had performed at Budokan ( i dont know wat it is…), but at the end ritsu & yui manage to get mio into the beach and had fun.. lotta thing happen in the beach, ritsu getting jelous at Mio Opai end up hitting mio with a ball, Mio shock / scare seeing lotta barnacles… etc, at the day end Mio realize that they didnt even had any practice on that day… Nite time they did their practice.. in later that nite they had their own firework display with yui performing her guitar and Mio was super shock just by looking at her performance ( but i dont think that she produce any sound lolzz.. just playing / acting randomly with her guitar). Mio told the gang that she heard the previous club performance and show it to the gang and they we’re impress but.. they just notice that the previous member were doing a heavy metal / rock song (death etc), Mio got scare and to spice thing up ritsu make it more scarier adding barnacles to her mind and they end up wit mio crying.. tsumugi pamper mio end ending up getting a super cute mio huhu~~~~ ( seriously she’s cute cant deny it!!!!).. The gang end up at their practice place and tsumugi asking yui to show some of the chord tat she had learn, they were impress with her development.. after getting back home, ritsu went to mio house to sent their summer pratice photo, mio notice tat ritsu have taken her photo when she was sleeping, and end up giving Ristu a chock hold and asking for the films.. (Funny ending for this episode)

Overall the episode was funny, lotta fan-service and Mio getting herselft blush, scare, cute, kyu kyun moe…. i cant help it taking a lot of screen shot for just the review… K-On fan should be satisfy with this episode ^_^… well i did


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