Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall.. (Dubai)


Early Last this month i went to the Ibn Battuta Mall.. well got notting to do on the weekend.. it was the same mall as any in UAE, only that they have 4 type of theme there.. china, egypt, persian and i dont remember the other one…

here some pic of the mall…


The entrance to Egypt…


Shop lot.. most of the people there are tourist & foreigner.. it was after friday pray.. alot of people there.. the local usually go out on nite time..


i did bring a long my mini nendroid yuki.. but didnt get enought shot for her… (was to bz looking at stuff…)


another shot of her….. so plain…


Stop by at Hediard coffie shop.. had some drink…


i had a chocolat/ mocha something… it was quite big… (wasnt that nice…)


Finish…. well.. even do is not tat nice.. but manage to finish it….. then we move along …


Straight to the china continent.. nice entrance….


they got a china ship stranded on the center of the china continent… quite big.. i forgot to take the front picture of the ship… was distracted by something else….


some random shot …. lotta foreigner… quite a nice scene…


random ceiling shot……


another one….


well at the end of the day i manage to get my selft a new lens…. a Sigma 18-200 DC OS (canon)… very nice lens…… The prices was cheaper then my home town.. so  just grab it… huhu


My canon 1000D + new Lens… so BIG….


Comparison between the standard 18-55 & 18-200.. really big… 18-200 used a 72mm lens, and the 18-55 used a 58mm lens….. quite heavy when i put it on the body + speedlite….


Trial shot with hatsune miku… (she’s still cute….)

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