K-ON – Episode 5


K-ON should be more wild then this~~~.. well i overdid the screen shot for this episode… hope u guys enjoy.. review will come afterward … ~_~ K-ON episode 5, this episode the light music club where seaching for an adivsor and a vocalist (they really forget about the vocalist.. eventhough they are a band, no vocal…) for their club.

They manage to cought/black mail ask sawako sensei to become their advisor due to a history that she had with the Light music club, she were a wild girl back then… very very wild…. (seriously wild), sawa-chan was an ex-club member for the light music club.

As for the vocalist, yui volunteer to become one but she’s fail, coz can only process 1 job in 1 time either sing or play guitar cant do both but after sawa-chan torture/ traine her she become a dual perpose, but her vocal become abit wild… due to the torture training. Mugi & Ritsu cant do the vocal coz they had their had full with their instrument, their last resort was Mio. Mio become vocal and she fainted~~~. (what can u espect from mio…)

They had alot of shy & scare moment for mio this time (K-ON try to put Mio in everyone head… seriously….). Well the episode is much simillar to the manga, eventhough it a 4 koma manga, If u read the manga of course.. but they add up alot of spotlight to mio making her more like the main leading character ( i do think everybody love mio by now..), if the episode goes as the same as the manga the light music club will be having their 1st concert on the next episode and end with a big er.. pantsu shot?…. huhu cant wait.. ^_^


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