K-ON! – Episode 6


K-ON! episode 6, The light music club got to play on their school festival with mio as the main vocalist. The light music club didnt had time to practice on the morning of the school festival making mio worry about their 1st performance. after arriving at the light music club room mio, notice that there was no one there. She search for club member, found yui, cooking for her class, ritsu selling ticket for her class haunted house and got scared by mugi, being the ghost of the haunted house


After Yui,Tsumugi & Ritsu had free from their dutty they when to the club room and found out that Mio was praticing all by her self. They then join Mio praticing. afterward sawa-chan apeared with some clothes for them to wear (gothlolita style), making Mio more embarrased, but mugi & yui seem to like the clothes that sawa-chan bought..


after sawa-chan leave, the club start moving the equipment to the auditorium, mugi seem to have more stamina then yui~~~~.After finish moving the equipment they had a time-out at the club, yui ask ritsu how was Mio when she was on primary school, she told them that she always make a big fuss about the stuff that mio do / have, mugi & yui realize that mio shyness was because of ritsu…


Mio join up with them and show abit of courage, but the fact is Mio is still too scared / shy / embrace to be the vocalist and as ritsu to trade with her, Ritsu declined. Yui offer herself to do the vocalit but with the bad vocal yui is still having, mio would had to declined the offer. The light music club head to the auditorium and get ready to do their show while wearing their gothlolita clothes.. (Mio was really cute~~~)


The performance was great (they event had a music clip~~~~ quite ok~~). after finishing up mio suddenly trip and fell and had her pantsu showing out to the audience….. (big fan service for the audience they didnt show it to us viewer… lucky them~~~~~)


She was wearing blue pantsu………. cute….

Overall the episode was GREAT!!!.. had to see their 1st perfomance ~_~, Mio was Super cute~~~~!!! , Nodoka kinda like cosplaying as a police officer, Mugi ghost? not to scared but for Mio she was scarry… well till next episode ~_~


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