Don’t say “lazy” – Single~~~


HUHU~~~ just got my copy of the single… (my bro notify me) but the problem is… it’s at my home town.. i’m kinda like 5000km away from it~~~~ T_T


the back cover ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


3 thoughts on “Don’t say “lazy” – Single~~~

  1. Lol.. This is pretty darn cool! I enjoyed the song. But what really sealed the deal for me was the part of the Music Video when Mio rolled her eyes from looking sideways to looking at the camera, while lying on the grass during the 1:10 time frame of the song. That really made me love the song as a whole.

  2. yeah it’s rea;;y a cool song ^^, but i havent touch it yet -_-‘ seem to be quite far away from it ~~’

  3. Lol.. Well at least for now you can watch the anime and listen to the OP and ED before getting your hands on the album back home.

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