K-ON! – Episode 7

i look cute on it to~~~~

White episode for K-ON~~~ As always review will be coming afterward… to tired to do one~~~ My impression on this episode, ui are yui slave (she been mentally train like that), Mio in 1piece santa dress = KAWAI~~, Mugi luck are really high, Yui a airhead (as always), sawa-chan not so pure (we all know this from episode 5) and for Ritsu er.. she’s just being who she is..~~~~


Ui & Yui, their relationship are really close~~

The episode start up showing some flash back on ui & yui decorating their chrismas tree and how they celebrate chrismas. Yui seem to be a really good sister back them~~~


they should draw better santa~~~

Back at school ritsu sugested to do a christmas party, at 1st at mugi house but they forgot to do a reservation for it (WTF~~), Mio house er… not a good place for them to go (she’s not that tidy, eventhough she’s cute), ritsu house.. to crampy and at the end they end up at Yui house (her parent when to germany fo vacation…great parent~~~). To increase the party fund member, they ask Nodoka to join in.


cook for me ui!!!!

Afterward yui notify ui about the party and tell her to do all the work for her ask her to help out for the party, ui being a good/nice/kawai sister gladly to help out ~~~. Nodoka & Yui went out for shopping for their present & meet up with Mio & Ritsu. they end up at a lottery, seem that they saw mugi at the lottery wining the grand prices (trip to hawai) but she exchange it with a board game (@_@ everyone is like daa~~).


all this for u MIO~!!

Will continou later on~~~~ Mugi,Mio & Ritsu arrive at yui house and were greet by ui … cant help not posting this pic~~~

ko7-054 ko7-055


Really a sad drama for ui.~~~ well the party goes on and acidently sawa-chan show up and bring along a 1 piece santa dress, put it on Yui, no good no shyness effect. Mio become the next target, when mio being undress by sawa-chan nodoka came along and tought that she came to the wrong house~~~~  the party goes on~~~


till everyone when home yui decided to sleep with ui~~~


 yui as always making ui life a cold christmas nite~~~~~~~ till new year the gang meet up at the shirne, Mio was the only one who are wearing a kimono (due to ritsu misinformation – she’s been bully by ritsu). they when praying at the shrine.

Overall the episode was abit slow~~~ can expect it become like the previous one. hopefully next episode will be a blast ^^


oh yeah next episode will be a meido episode!!!!!! wait.. where’s MIO~???!!


4 thoughts on “K-ON! – Episode 7

  1. ^^ donno but some time those site tat lump all the episode are faster then their own site~~~

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