Otoyomegatari ~~ Manga~~~

Otoyomegatari chapter 1 02-03

Just read the manga a month ago, got cought up with it coz of the beutiful Amira Hergal~~. Otoyomegatri (Young Bride Story) is about a 12 year old boy (Karluk Ayhan) who were married to a 20 year old girl (Amira Hergal), their married are fixed by family. Amira is a woman skilled in archery and horsemanship, well she’s quite good with a bow ~_~.

Otoyomegatari chapter 1 16

She's really a beuty ^^

The Mori Kaoru is the mangaka for this manga. The drawing are quite good (really love this kinda drawing ^^). The 1st Chapter (Bride & Groom) are more about an introduction of the main character and amira got a chance to show some of her hunting skill ^^.


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