Random Photo post~~


Nagato with her ball~~~

 Some random photo shot, i did on april~~ last month was like a month of boring life for me….


a vertical shot of her~~~

 I was trying to improve my photo shoting skill, try with different angle, flash angle etc.. but i never got a good shot for vertical pic~~ well need more experiance…


nagato on my lappy~~

at the same time i was formating my lappy to a factory standard os~~ it was begining to become slow, to lazzy to do troubleshot for the lappy. the only thing that come to my head was format the D@mn thing~~~~~ it was easy like 1,2,10~~~


still waiting for it to finish~~~

at the same time i was thinking of putting mac os X in it~~~ wonder if it can be done~~~


well... another photo of yuki~~~

still waitng ~~~ even i had a 4 gb of ram still feel so slow, ah ha my processor was an intel Core 2 Duo 2.0~~~


Was playing with my nekura...

My Nekura form tokyoflash, bought it from a lowyat forum, got it less the RM200.00. it was heavy~~ quite nice to wear ^^


N95 being pimp by yuki~~

N95 was my 1st Nokia N series~~ quite stable & reliable ^^


hatsune miku~~~

The only figma that i bring, i was thinking of doing a photo shot around abu dhabi with her~~~


vertical shot~~~

i still need to improve my shoting skill~~~~


nendroid puchi & a figma

these was the only toy i brought with me wo abu dhabi~~~ here they didnt sell any figure & really quite hard to find one~~ oh yeah i also brought along my Double 0 riser,  did a shot before this~~~~ well were i’m living here are quite far away from abu dhabi city qutie hard for me to go out, can only go out once a week~~~ well life goes on ^^

3 thoughts on “Random Photo post~~

  1. yup really hard, speedlite is a must for indoor shot~~ i usually go out at nite, natural sunlight here would kill me ^^’

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