K-ON! – Episode 9


Azura Nya

K-On! next best thing~~~ neko nya moe moe kyun~~~ (Warning!! This is A 56KB killer~~enter at ur own risk ^^) (well havent watch it~~~ and screen shoot will be post tonite ~_~ gomen)

well i’m going to make it simple for this episode ^^, Azura join the K-On club she were tame by yui, ( yui really know how to manipulted little girls) and become her cat. nickname Azu-nya were given to azura because of her catness and moe-ness in putting on a neko ears~~ (guess whose idea was it~~~), azu-nya didnt know that the light music club was also a cosplay, teatime club. azu-nya dispointed, but at the end she was tame by the K-on club member to do so the club member do alotta petting and pampering at azu-nya ^^. and also Azu-nya are really good in guitar~~ not like some senpai that dont event understand the basic music teminology, even so that senpai wanted to be the lead guitarist ~~~

Overall, they introduce a new character in K-ON, she had a character almost the same as mio but, a bit more open. she was really easy to tame ~~~ next episode?, summer holiday practice


2 thoughts on “K-ON! – Episode 9

  1. for sure lol~~ wonder if azu-nya got moe moe kyun beam ^_^
    Gordon congrat on ur winning on dannychoo desk compatition ^^ used it alraedy?

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