Random Photo Shoot ~2



Well, last friday when to dubai, i did some random shooting while going there~~


this building look like some building at us~~~ forgot the name~~

there was alot of intresting building here~~~ 


This was a nice view from bellow ^^

 One of the main developing street at dubai, quite alot of skyscraper ^^ 


Tunnel ~~

still heading to our destination ~~ quite far away from abu dhabi, abu dhabi to dubia would take around 1 1/2 hours~~


Deira City Center

We were heading to Deira City Center~~ Quite a big mall ^^


Some deco at ceiling ~~~ roundiss

Reach Deira City Center~~ The place was quite big alot of choices to pick and shop ^^, less sell tought~~


Some window at the mall can see the train (not finish tought)

 some section that show the outside~~ really nice view can even see the ongoing progress of the train station ^^


Stop by at Cinnabon for tea break~~

rest a bit at Cinnabon, it’s been along time i havent eaten one~~~ it was delicious ^^


Caramel delight~~alot of caramel~~

 This one really look intresting but, i’m not into caramel~~~


some other section of the mall

 Some event there ~~ coloring contest or something~~~ not intrested on it lolz~~


this building look like some building at us~~~ forgot the name~~

 weird deco design… it look like a sun ~~ oh yeah there were bunch of maybelline add. they are having a promotion?


the famous Swiss multipurpose knife~~~ 70% off!!

The most intresting stuff that i found, a swiss knife~~~ it was a really good offer but, i dont usually used a multi purposed knife nowdays~~~ so i didnt took it~~ 


nike were also having a sale~~

Alot of brand were having sale there ~~~ but it really didnt bother me to look at it~~ i got other target ^_*


Food Court

 Stop by at the food court, Fill up my stomach. There were alot of fast food tough, less local food. I dislike the local food~~~ it wasnt spicy enought.


McD~~ well to lazy to think~~

i end up with thiss~~~ there was alot of choice but i was to lazy to see them all. didnt bring any figure~~ (should bring my nagato along T_T) 


on the way back~~

well heading back to the car~~~ it’s REALLY HOT outside even in the parking lot, it was 49 deg.cal. out side (afternoon). at nite it was around 32-28 deg.


nite shoot at main street~~

i was hoping to see lot of light at the nite but~~ it seem less~~~ 


train station .. the work still ongoing~~

The train station are still on going tough, but the design look kinda nice hopefully i would still be here when it open ^^ ,… maybe~~


another nite shoot

 snap the last pic for this trip, heading back to abu dhabi~~~ to tired by then~~


what i bought

end up buying a new lens for my Canon 1000D, the prices where abit higher here compare to my hometown, but i careless. It was really tempting~~~ the really funny thing is, it was made in malaysia~~~ yeah that’s right i was from my hometown  lol~~~


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