K-ON! – Episode 10


K-ON!! live alive ~~~ they decided to do it~~~ (Yui)

K-ON! episode 10, they decided to do a live version of K-ON!~~, not, ~~~. K-On went to summer camp, same as last year except this year they got azu-nyan with them and sawa-chan join in to ^^. Review will be up soon ~~~ enjoy the screen shot ^^

My impression for this episode :~~

Azu-nyan :- really easy to be manupulated, look like mio when she didnt have the pont tail hair, cute(but not as cute as mio), like to have fun even when she dont want to, mature then her sempai and she’s not easy to be scare. she’s also have been tame by yui~~.

Mio-chan :- moe moe kyun, the return of the barnacles, WILL faint when see people wearing sea wead, WILL turn white when see ghost, got BIG hand compare to azu-nyan, her bikini colour doesnt fit her.

Ritsu :- well.. er.. ritsu being ritsu?… no comment~~~ hyper active as always but flat tyre when praticing~~ huhu~~

Yui :- Can tuned her guitar without any instrument (can get perfect pitch!!) and can learn a song just by looking at other, like to hug azu-nyan, know how to manupulate/tame little girl, like yuri.

Mugi :- Have a butler, Super Rich, Sea side banglo that have hot pool inside, a studio are consider small, motherly figure, her boobs is not that big, will betray u when it come having fun and also like yuri scene.

Ui :- She been poison by her sister (yui) cant be help~~~~ everything bout yui are cute for ui~~ (she been tame)

Overall the episode was fun~~ they did when for summer camp, most of it for fun~~ less pratice. Azu-nyan getting used to the sempai. sawa-chan came late and miss the bqq but she manage to turn mio white~~^^ epic win when mio scream (^_^”). well next episode? crisis of the vintage guitar~~~


5 thoughts on “K-ON! – Episode 10

  1. why not? wordpress give us 2.gb right? ^^ .. the cosplayer?? oh ho u should watch the opening theme.. dont skip it then u’ll see her ^^

  2. 3 gigs but I’m not the only author and it’s not the only anime I review. And my comment was about “DO NOT WANT”. I want a PRETTY Yui cosplayer, not THAT >_>

  3. Well, just me and the blog creator really 😛 Well, the nice part is since we take a month to get down by 1%, if it keeps that way, that’s around 100 months as it is, which SHOULD keep the blog going for long. Then of course, you never know so just in case…

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