Random Photo Shoot ~3


another pic of miku~~

well last friday i didnt went out so decided to do a some alot shot of miku~~~ (i was so bored~~)


miku hugging yuki~~

 Yuki was also involed in the shoot~~


My current headphone~~

RP-HTX7Bought this one last 4 month ago~~ quite a good headphone ^^ enjoying it


morning ray~~

Here’s a pic from my bedroom window~~ it was 6:00 am~~ u can see how bright the is sun,.. IT”S STILL 6.00AM!!!!


Miku getting some sun light~~

 the window was beside my bed ~~ miku was always at the front desk of my bed~~


yuki also getting some sun ray~~~

 Really like the lighting of the sun~~~ but it was very hot~~ in morning it’s already 28 deg. cal.~~


random scene~~

well i end up at the upper part of my villa here some shoot of the serounding area~~ some random scene~~~ u can see the oil right or something from the top~~


different angle~~~

another scene from serounding~~ quite a plain place ~~ all u can see is sand, house and people making house~~


another one~~~

 another villa in the making~~~~


mike started to pose~~

 Well start making miku shoot~~~


another one~~

i have no idea at all~~


caramel dance??

remember the caramel dance? really love the song~~~


~~ i got to stop~~

another angle~~ 


different stuff~~

some closed-up~~~ its a park for the king or something~~



 er~~ miku on a wall?~~ (building here are quite square~~ no pitch roof)


er factory or something closed up?

well that all for this post~~ i didnt go anywhere that day~~ no intresting pic for this post~~ lo~~~


6 thoughts on “Random Photo Shoot ~3

  1. Lol@Caramel dance..
    Thank you for reminding me.. 🙂

    Was wondering how does the flash on your pro cam work? Is it in auto? Was hoping you can give me some advice on taking pics of figures..

  2. well… i’m not a pro in shooting figure yet~~ still a beginner~~ most of the time i dont used flash, coz it will over expose the figure ^^ but if i wanna used the flash i wouldnt do a direct flash either i put a defuser or point the flash at 90deg ~~ ^^

  3. Well even a budget cam can get a better pic then a dslr ^^ even dannychoo used a digital cam to take pic ^^, it’s how u used it ^^

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