Me, yuki and miku was browsing the web and suddently we saw this nenodoroid saber at dannychoo site.


Look at her~~~~~


still looking at her~~~


OK~~ she’s adorable…………………………… i HAVE TO BUY ONE!!!!!!!


Yuki saw new nendoroid saber lily…. she was looking at her for quite a long time~~~


Miku join in~~~


Miku and yuki told me to buy one~~ now i have to buy one!!!, but item will one be available maybe another month but the pre-oder will be open later this moth~~~


we were also looking at my 1st nendoroid. Nagi had already been bought at D_Code Toy & Hobby, i usually buy figure from them ^^ quite a nice seller. They were my local supplier ^^.


Isn’t she cute~~~~~ (i had turn to the DARK SIDE)….

well for more info on nagi visit GSC site, and for more info on saber lily visit danny choo site. If u know how to read japanese go to mikatan site. ^^

12 thoughts on “~~~!!Nendoroid!!~~~

  1. nendoroid saber lily is moe moe kyun… oh wait wrong anime.

    then again i don’t mind a real nendoroid of moe moe kyun. ^^;

  2. @gordon: if she can do moe moe kyun i would go to japan and buy it~~~~ ^^;

    @gukichan: REALLY!!!!?????~~~~ T_T (it wint be limitid or got some ccazy prices tag .. right???

  3. Too bad Nagi figure’s are not easy to come by. I’ve been looking around locally and the only Kannagi figure I found was this nendoroid Nagi.. 😦

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