K-ON! – Episode 12


K-ON!, Episode 12, FINALE. Yui catch a cold, everyone worry especially Azu-nyan & ui. Ui know how to play the guitar.. better then Yui, ui can act as Yui anytime and manipulate people, but her boob are bigger then yui making the people notice it’s her~~~. Fanservice was given to all ^^. Yutaka RULE!!!!. Azu-nyan really into yui… even give her special permission~~~ oh hu~~. Sawa-chan didnt transfrom when holding a guitar .. she learn how to control it..

The title Finale?.. it’s not the final episode… next week, K-on still be airing ^^, well.. enjoy the screen shoot ^^ (just 159 only….)


5 thoughts on “K-ON! – Episode 12

  1. haha ^^ yup… seriously.. i really thought that epi 12 would be the end for K-on~~~, luckly/suprisingly it’s not the end \[^^]/

  2. OMG! 384kb/s Killa! Lol!

    So true, if this season didn’t offer so many other good animes. K-On! would probably have taken over the world.

  3. If only KyoAni had a better budget to work with, Working on new Haruhi at the same time really affected the animation quality of this episode. Loved it though.

  4. @emrald emblem : yeah it seem so~~ but both anime turn out just nice ^^, the quality .. we can always wait for the dvd copy right?? ^^

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