Recently acquired parcel ^^

p01 p02

 Recently Aquired parcel~~ my bro just email me the pic(last month to be exact.. i just didnt notice his email~~) lacus & Cagalli, a studio character ^^. cute right>??

 p03 p04

 and also bought a Suzumiya haruhi Nendoroid puchi & revoltech ena ayase from yotsuba, ^^

p05 p06

Back veiw ^^ cagalli came with a bazooka~~, and space dress same as lacul except she had haro, not a bazooka~~

p10 p11

Nendoroid puchi side view, they had 12 set in one box~~ it’s a random~~  

p07 p08

Ena side view.. ena can change her cloths to a swim ware ^^

Will be touching it on august ~~~~ for the time being, i can only stare it T_T


10 thoughts on “Recently acquired parcel ^^

  1. @Chika: green theme ar.. huhu.. no i dont have that much figure~~ i only can affort those r on sale ^^

  2. Ena looks good. Can’t wait until you report back with a detailed ‘strip down’ of her XD

  3. @kodomut: huhu .. dont worry i’ll strip her for good ^^; it will be much more then just strip ^^ HOHOHOHO

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