K-ON! – Episode 13

Mio dont like winter~~~

Mio dont like winter~~~

K-On! episode 13 (end), well this would be the last episode for K-On!.. it’s winter.. so everything kinda slow abit~~  the light music club seem to be having a slow winter.. didnt see sawa-chan in this episode~~ a clift hanger? no~~ review will be up later on~~ enjoy the screen shoot 1st ^^ (143 of them)

Winter started, the club became slow due to the cold, seem to cold for them to play their instrument, Ritsu seem to be thinking about a love letter at the end found out that the so call love letter was Mio idea of lyric (it does sound like a love letter.. an she used slow mail),  Mio when to the beach to make a new song.. end up making notting, Mugi are taking a partime job at a fast food restaurant~~ trying new thing (maybe she never work before~~), azu-nyan had to take care a friend neko~~ and she name her azu-nya #2…, Yui & Ui are making hotpot~~ chocolat curry hotpot/marshmallow soy milk hotpot???.. yui got a very bad taste on hotpot. At the end the whole group were together ^^ 


My impression on K-On!, it was a nice show, funny, entertaining, but it’s an all girls show u’ll hardly see any boy/man on the show maximun amount of guy/boy u see is not more then 4~~ seriously… K-On really spark a light a bit in me about playing music instrument~~ (i found out that the guitar that yui using cost around RM2K (gipson), the other brand that got the same design (epiphone) is around RM1180~~ maybe will bought it~~). I do think that they will make an OVA same as lucky star^^.

Did u guys enjoy K-ON!??


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