~~100 POST~~


i really love rei~~~

Hurraayy… i’t my 100 post~~ well…. it’s been 7 month i start blogging and now manage to do a 100 post~~ Summary what i have achive :-

Top most post are about anime (35 out of 99 post)

– Current hit is 6,086 time

– Top post would be c.c white figure

– Top click image c.c white photo

Busiest day: 511 hit — Monday, March 23, 2009 (on acgc 2009)

– i start blogging on December 2008, but i really start the blog in febuary 2009~~~ ( on december i didnt had any idea what to blog about)

Why i put rei image on this post? coz i like her… ^^

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope that u guys/girls enjoy it ^^, really apriciate those who had come & comment on my blog ^^ thanks guys!! ^^; i will try to improve my post and writing.. i know that i had a lame english T_T sorry … ^^

Domo arigato gozaimas^^


10 thoughts on “~~100 POST~~

  1. Congrats man! *Passes the beer around*

    Rei looks superb in that picture!

    What’s your next target to hit? 🙂
    200 Posts?

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