Yotsubato! -manga-


anyone read yotsubato manga yet? .. it’s about a 5 years old girl who live with his dad, yotsuba was adobted by her dad~~ her real parent were unkown yet. She’s quite a loud, cute, weird, funny and fun girl to be with. They just move to a new neighbourhood. Asagi, fuka & ena as their new neighbour, yotsuba make their neighbour house as her own. Well she even call their mom, momy…


The manga is not like shin-chan. no porno joke, good for light reading. Currently they have a 8 volume of manga, the drawing were decent ^^ OK to look at ^^.


The story evolved around yotsuba daily life, how a 5 year old spent her life playing & learning how stuff work & done. With the label weirdo stick at her fourhead, she’s always do something that unexpected ^^,


well.. before buying ena figure, i never knew the story of yotsuba, so now kinda like the manga & really fire me up to buy some of them ^^ already bought fuka swimsuit figure also~~ she’ll be coming to my house maybe in another 2-3 week ^^ now have to keep searching for the school uniform ver. ^^ and danbox & yotsuba also ^^

Do u guys ever read this manga??

(p/s- i edited the name… not yotsubato.. but yotsuba~~ sorry /-_-\)


6 thoughts on “Yotsubato! -manga-

  1. @B-mecha: it is funny ~~~ jumbo haha… originate from girrafes~~~ + globawangning ^^ she’s funny one ~~

  2. @B-mecha: revoltech do came out with yotsuba figure~~ i was searching for it now~~~ ^^ she can even do more then fight with mecha~~

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