Project Diva~~ PSP Game


Currently i’m playing my PSP.. hatsune miku game  Project Diva. Got addicted to it.. been playing it all for the past 5 days… i still cant get a hang of it~~ *_*…


i need to update my blog… haruhi episode 14 alredy out.. havent watch it..  miku are so damn cute… cant resist…

at the end.. the game was a great game, they got a plenty of costume for miku. Len & Rin are also in the game. Those who got a PSP and into dancing game and cute girl should get this game ^^.

p/s – i havent touch my blog for days now… i got distracted..  gomen ne…


4 thoughts on “Project Diva~~ PSP Game

  1. @b-mecha: ditto that… i’m really bad at dancein/music game.. took me days to unlock a costume T_T

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