Well… another Gundam post… i think i really ran out of idea to post something or anything ~~~ T_T.., well now i’m counting days waiting for august to come.. i know that i’ll be missing The Daicon, i’ll be missing minori ~~~ at least maybe i’ll be at GACC 2009… hopedully ~~~ T_T


For uncertain reason recently, i’ll playing my PSP everdy freaking days|~__~| Project Diva really got me … and before that i manage to finish up watching Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’S.. it’s a yuri lolicon magic anime .. u’ll get posion don’t watch it… Nanoha is a les.. she posion Fate to be her soul mate… no… my fate!!!!! ………….. maybe will do some review bout it.. hmm


oh yeah.. y did i put the name of the post gundam event tho it doesnt related to gundam?.. er.. maybe because i’m putting gundam pic?… not a good reason right.. well.. the photo of gundam 00 were taken using my N95, it end up quite nice.. ^_____^, photo wise i would say that the 1st pic are quite nice but.. still lack of quality. A HG 1/144 Gundam 00 kit really got a very good aticulation ^^ it’s VERY GOOD compare to HG Exia. Those who never try gundam before are recomend to try this kit ^^ quite cheap and detail to ^^


2 thoughts on “Gundam?…..

  1. Always wanted to try a Gundam. But not really a fan of kits. I’m what ppl call a klutz. Lol!

    Instead, am looking at some pre-build/figure kits.

  2. @blur: Gundam kit are quite eassy to essamble ^^.. i’m also a klut lol… just give it a try ^^ u’ll enjoy it ^^

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