Muv-Luv Alternative 1/8 Scale Figure – Kagami Sumika


Well.. my long awaited Sumika Kagami had arrive.. at my hometown… well… not just arrive… it arrive last 2 week.. i didnt had time to do post it.. not it’s not that i didnt had the time.. it’s just that er.. i’m to bz.. or something.. well skip the detail.. here’s some low quality shoot of  the box from my brother (THANK YOU BROTHER…)


HLJ really put some nice seal box when they ship it ^^.. the box seem fine.. no dent or damage ^^


It’s seem that i already miss the 2 Figure, Yashiro Kasumi (the one with the doll) and Meiya Mitsurugi (the one with the sword) ..  ~___~ (well if it not that d@mn expensive i would already took it ~~~). well put that aside, now just have to wait for August to do the review ^^ till then i can only drowl on the pic…

oh yeah.. another thing figma already made a Meiya Mitsurugi Figure ^^ i already pre-order it from Play-asia  ^^


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