Sega – Misato Katsuragi


Another figure from sega that i bought from HLJ, it’s a cheap figure so i didnt expect much quality in it, but suprisingly.. it seem quite good ^^


Well.. misato is from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, this figure were made for the Evangelion 1.0 movies. it came out same as Sega Ayanami figure ^^


Considering it’s a 1500 yen figure .. it turn out quite good ^^


Some shoot at her back, it got less dent. Misato doesnt seem to be happy in this figure ^^, well.. i am ^^


Well… the shoot were taken on march~~~ i just found out i had it ~~~~


Here’s my setup for the photo shoot, i’m using natural lighting + room light… yeah i know it’s lame~~~


Some closed up ^^


Another one… Misato really not that happy in this figure~~~


Another closed up.. u can see the quality of the figure from here ^^


I like this shoot ^^


Back shoot…. i can see panty….


i learn to do this from Misao… nice effect .. ^^


2 thoughts on “Sega – Misato Katsuragi

  1. Wow! That is a superb picture! Droool~~~~~
    Mind sharing what settings you used? :p Want to learn learn from the master!

  2. @blur: Thanks ^__^… but still a beginner shoot….well… u have to point the camera vertically, an on the flash .. try zooming it.. last time i used my dslr just by point & shoot ^__^, no special setting used…

    try it

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