GUNDAM RX78-2 (MG kit ver. 2.0)


Well, i was thinking of rant about why i cant go to daicon, the sudently found my rx78-2 Mg pic… ^__^, Rx78-2 are father of all gundam it was the 1st gundam. quite a nice design. The face look more like a Samurai, all the basic design of a gundam where feature in this kit ^__^. This is the MG ver.2.0 1/100 kit, it’s pretty nice. 


Aticulation wise, very flexible, the finger use a MG zaku 2.0 finger with 2 joint (normal Mg only have 1 join at the finger, sorry didnt take any picture of that). it also have the core fighter inside it ^__^ (previous MG, the one year war version dont have this feature).


The inner frame were also improve ^__^, it’s more like a skeleton frame ^_^


The finishes were plain, less lining like the OYW ver., The version 2.0 are more like the anime then the OYW, u can say it’s an old school gundam with a marvelaous frame & aticulation ^__^. It’s a good kit for beginner ^__^


here’s some pic for comparison on The version 2.0 MG kit and the OYW MG kit, u can see clearly how many line the OYW got.. The 2.0 are just to plain huhu but it’s better on the aticulation.


The OYW were my 2nd Mg kit ^__^ i really like the detail that they put on it ^__^, i also did some colouring and decal on it ^__^


Out door lighting really help alot ^__^.. u can see the finger from here .. u can see the joint.. the ver. 2.0 have 2 but the OYW have only one~~


I really put a bit of efford on the OYW ^__^, but if u see closely.. got alot of dust ~_~..

overall Gundam RX78-2 ver.2.0 MG kit is really good kit ^__^ , all gundam lover should have on ^__^


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