Hatsune Miku Photo Shoot

Well got notting to do yesterday, i end up photo shooting miku ^__^,

hope u guys enjoy the pic ^__^

i was thinking of making this my wall paper.. but the background spoil the picture T__T

a closed up~~~ still figuring out how to improve my shooting skill…

miku stand

Last pic… i still blur at taking photo~~~


8 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku Photo Shoot

  1. nice try =) keep practice and u will able to get some nice photo. it would be better if u can research on how other do their toy photoshoot, decide on the background / pose before starting the process.

  2. @b-mecha: Background would be a problem to me ~__~, realy hard to find a good back ground from where i am.. T_T

  3. I don’t see anything wrong about your photos. It all look good to me. For background wise you may want to get some paper and do a mini studio setup.

  4. do you have a full size photo of the wallpaper shot? I think it looks nice actually..

    And I see you are now loading from deviantart.. :p

  5. Hey nice photos, good lighting too:) 1st one was win for sure xD but to improve maybe posing her differently and showing off her other accessories, more pics wouldn’t hurt ether^^ But a background really does help too^^

  6. @roy: Thanks ^__^, will do that ^^, i’m lack of creativity in the posing section >< will do the improvement ~~

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