July Loot~~ ^__^

doro1 fuka

 Well… my doro & fuka arrive at home.. bro sent me the pic.. seem to be in good condittion ^__^..

another 3 week to go~~~ Plan a GACC trip with Blur, Misao, Exile_gundam(TFM) & El_fenrir. hope goes well..

 kuka2 fuka3

side and back view of my fuka…. seem GOOD ^__^… will do photo season with ena ^__^


Doro pic… ^__^ did some preview post for doro ^__^ she’s seem nice ^__^.. and also a fellow blogger, kodomut have been playing with her ever since he got it ^___^

oh yeah forgot bout this one \(^_____________^)/


i just bought a battery grip for my baby 1000D, now vertical shooting will never be the same ^__^


Bought it from a lowyat.net forumer heard good reveiw bout it ^__^ ..

seem that my loot are getting big… damn cant control that.. hope room got space for it T__T


6 thoughts on “July Loot~~ ^__^

  1. Woo… Big Spending this month.. o.0!

    Figma Drossel is a “must-have” figure now right?

  2. Well… not that much ~~~~ huhu~~ still at contrable level ~~~.. hopefully….

    Well drossel (doro laa huhu)…from what i can say is.. that she’s CUTE >__<…..

  3. XD DSLR equipment… expensive…i bought my LX-3 which cost me a bomb too T__T

    Kodomut is getting excited over drossel, maybe i should get the nendoroid drossel and join the fun 😀

  4. @b-mecha: LX-3 is a good digicam ^__^ dannychoo are using one right??.. huhu yes… buy…buy..buy… we can build an army of drossel ^__^.. we can start invading huhuhu ^__^

  5. Nice loot there, I’m suspecting you’ll have a lot of adventures with Drossel soon^^

    Names Roy, nice to meet you 😀 will add you to me blogroll ^^

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