Random Photo Shoot 5


Another miku Photo shoot?… not… well.. not all of them are miku photo…. this time is a summary of what have i done in the past week ~~~..

IMG_8010 IMG_8011

Well the current room that i’m staying .. it’s a share room.. had to share with 2 others.. ^___^ my own sweet little space… ~__~


My current working station.. i was watching hatsune miku – love is war video at youtube.. ^__^..  


Last two week went to the Abu Dhabi Shangri-La hotel for a dinner buffet ^__^, the company really nice to give us a free dinner. The ocation was 3 member of our department was quiting the job (that’s include me ^__^).


This where we sit, there were around 20 people in our department… Shangri-La look nice ^__^


Then the eating begin ^__^ … there were ALOT of seafood.. the prawn were looking very tempting…. but it was haft cook… i think.. but when i taste it.. the taste kinda like a raw prawn… i end up not finishing it *__*


Well.. more RAW seafood… #___#


The desert corner, they got quite a nice desert ^__^

IMG_7389 IMG_7392

The main course.. there werent much variation… just couple of then.. less the 15 i think….


After finish digesting all the food (well..most of it), we when outside for some photo shoot.. at the same time i just remember that i didnt bring anytripod for nite shooting… the photo end up with ALOT of blur pic… T__T

By the way.. view was great


One of the wonder in abu dhabi.. i manage to get this shoot by putting my at some wall..


Some closed up ^__^


A different angel…the colour are quite different.. >___<, this was shot were taken when were were out browsing the town.. i didnt get a good view.. T__T


i was trying to get a night lanscape photo.. but it didnt turn out well… i didnt bring any tripod.. again… T__T


In summer it’s hot even thou ur going out at night time ~__~


U can fog.. but its not cool… it’s hot~~~~~~ well after an outdoor photo without any of my miku or yuki.. i decided to do some photo shoot for miku ^__^..

IMG_8172 IMG_8180

decided to try some new pose & used up almost all of her stuff  ^__^

IMG_8183 IMG_8180

well.. i was out of idea… lack of creativity… T____T

IMG_8195 IMG_8198

Netural lighting are the best lighting for me ^__^…


This was the settup that i was using for the photo shoot ^__^ it’s really simple.. the window provide me the lighting.. ^__^ but i wish i had some nicer bacground T___T.

Home enjoy the shots.. it’s kinda like random… an all in one photo gallery huhu.. i had no idea what to post righ now.. suzumiya haruhi S2 review?… well.. havent done that… the episode keep on repeating till i think i’m gonna drop it..but hopefully will gain some mood to do it later on ~__~, other anime?.. well.. most of the anime on summer are like.. er. yuri.. loli.. and stuff.. i havent found those that i like to do… wel.. till next time ^__^


2 thoughts on “Random Photo Shoot 5

  1. Awesome shots, that looks like a awesome place you went to and that palace looked cool^^ The Miku shots were will done and yes nothing can beat the sun^^

    As for anime,maybe Canaan or Kannagi,TM 8.0, it’s not just about K-ON;D

  2. @roy: Thanks ^__^, er… it’s not a palace ~__~ is a mosque ^__^, been there it’s MARVELOUS. (IMO) The sunlight were great that day ^__^..

    for the anime.. currently i’m looking for something funny ~__~ well, T.M 8.0 is like an anime that say everyone godai~~, canaan seem abit yuri~~, Kannagi?.. season 2?.. Spice & wolf 2 seem good ^^.. maybe will do spice & wolf ^^

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