GSC – Sumika Kagami 1/8 Scale figure


Sumika Kagami, my 1st scale figure. Good Smile Company Produce her, the detail were Awesome!!!.. + she’s cute. She’s from a game call ‘Muv luv Alternative’. They also made a manga bout it. I have read it, the graphic weren’t as i expected.. Well here’s some photo shooting pic that i do for today~~ .. some of it currently being edit..

will upload it ASAP ^^

The box & pakaging~~


really a simple box


Side view of the box


Back view


Sumika wraping…


 I think it;s a standard wrapping…

No back ground shot~~


U can see the figure are really detail..  the color were perfect ^^


SOme close up ^__^,


Sumika really have a big opai….

White Background


The posed are nice ^__^


Well she have are really nice pose… the body figure were excelent huhu~~~


Currently i’m using this as my wallpaper huhu (background taken from the box^___^

I’m really impress with what GSC have produce.. now i’m thinking of collection all 3 muv luv figure.. but due to the budget alocation on figure i have to control myself from buying it T__T

Oh yeah i just got back in my hometown ^^ DAMN HAPPY ^^

i’m to tired today… JETLEGGING ARRRHHHH~~~

This post will be edited later on ^^


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