Kaiyodo – Ena Ayase


Presenting Ena from Yotsuba&!..

Bought the figure from PlayAsia.com, it was on sale .. yeah i bought a lot of sale figure huhuhu it cost me less the RM60.00 .. i think~~~

The Box


The front view… a really small blog, it’s fit the price ^^ (sorry for the over exposed picture T___T)


The back view… ena can be stripe to her swimsuit  ^^

ena-03 ena-04

The side view of the box ^^

The packaging


Ena were well wrap in plasctic.. really small and cute wraping ^^


Ena come with a pink base, her towel & her teddybear.. er.. (forgot the bear name)…

The Figure


Here’s what u can take off from ena… The cloth are really hard to take off… really piss me of huhu


Ena in her swiming suit…. (yeah a loli figure u can expect alot of flat are ~~)


With her towel ^^


here’s with her cloth on~~~ the cloth is quite decent, as they say u get what u pay for ^^, there’s abit of paint error but notting major.


Ena holding her teddy… well she’s cute.. ^^, as u can see here the cloth is not properly tug in.. it’s really hard to do it and the cloth is hard to put it on, u have to take her arm off 1st if u wanna put it back…


some closed up… ena with bear….


another one…..


and another….

Overall kaiyodoo figure are quite decent, but better then banpesto figure.. less paint error, clean surface… well it’s worth the prices.. ^^, i also have Fuka, same scale as ena.. but i havent open it.. maybe later on will do a duet photo shoot with ena.. ^^


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