~~Revoltech Fraulein – Evangelion Pilot~~


Well i own all three revoltech fraulein eva pilot ^^..  been with me for quite a while ^^.. asuka were my 1st fraulein.. here’s some review bout the figure.

The box & Packing


All three box have the same size. ayanami where the 1st release, after that asuka then another ayanami in bandage form.


The packing are quite small. less equipment compare to figma. The 1st ayanami only come with lance of longinous, base and some extra hand, but the bandage ayanami came with an extra head but less hand. Asuka come with her doll, an eva gun, base and hands.

The Figure


The height of 3 fraulein were quite the same, but asuka is abit higher then all three. Colour wise quite nice well cant expect much from a figure that prices less the RM100.00. There’s some colour error but notting major.

Revoltech Fraulin 001 – Ayanami Rei


She’s the 1st fraulin that been release, the build where quite ok, similarity to the anime are quite the same.


Her body shape are quite nice !~~~


she can stand up with out stand…


Another pose…


This pose remind me some part of the anime… but can’t recall…


Ayanami possing with box…. well not her box.. it will do


another closed up~~~

Revoltech Fraulin 003 – Soryu Asuka Langle


My 1st tsundere figure huhu~~~ she’s ok but not in my no. 1 list ^^. The figure were quite the same as the 1st one. No comment~~


Asuka got a gun~~~ Dont mess with her  %___%


She’s also can poke~~~ from all three fraulin she’s the only one have a poking hand huhu~~~


Asuka really like her doll…..


i like this pose….


deep down inside.. asuka really a cute girl~~~


Some closed up~~~

Revoltech Fraulin 008 – Ayanami Rei (Bandage Fetish ver)…


Well… er.. it’s the bandage fetish ver. yeah i dig it~~~~  the colour are abit different it’s abit glossy then the 1st version and the lance is in purple color. the color of her hair is abit light then the normal one.


She’s really look inocent.. i like her~~~~~~


i really dig her~~~~~


Wondering which ayanami to buy? well i did some comparison for u guys hope it’ll help out ^^


Well quality wise it’s quite the same, colour wise the bandage color is glossy compare to the normal. the normal ver. is quite plain color but the similarity to anime is almost the same (it’s more original IMO).


the best thing bout the bandage ver. is that she have an extra head, one with closed eyes and one with an open. Bandage ver. her left hand cannot be change.


really quite simillar…


i love them both~~~~~ so bought both huhu


it’s really the same… ^^

Overall Revoltech Fraulein are quite ok.. but the joint are quite sensetif have to be carefull with the joint. It worth the prices ^^.

Compare to figma, fraulein have better colour but the joint are abit troublesome. 


Thanks for reading ^^


5 thoughts on “~~Revoltech Fraulein – Evangelion Pilot~~

  1. Thanks ^^.. 001 quite hard to find ^^ (seriously…).. last time i bought it with dcodetoys ^^ it was a 2nd production

  2. I’m deciding which Rei to buy. Your comparisson was just what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

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