Froggy Mikuru Adventure~~ Prologue

mikuru 01

Froggy mikuru has been looking at the window lately..

mikuru 02

She wonders what lies out side of the window. She’s been in a room from the day she was brought out of her box. She decided to go out.

mikuru 03

She found out there’s some unfamiliar terrain fill with tress and flowers.

mikuru 04

She was amaze with the scenery. Such thing that she never see in the room.

mikuru 05

She decided to see the place in a higher ground. At last she found a suitable tree to be at climb.

mikuru 06

The tree was big~~~ she wonders if she can climb it.

mikuru 07

Froggy mikuru manage to reach the middle part of the tree.

mikuru 08

At last she manage to reach to the highest point of the tree. She were really amaze with the view, the color of the flower, the blue sky, words can never express her thought and feeling.

mikuru 09

While she was looking trough out the scenery, she wonder where would be going after this. Will there be more?


4 thoughts on “Froggy Mikuru Adventure~~ Prologue

  1. @kodomut: well.. u have to buy the whole set to get this nendo puchi~~ ^^, she’s really adorable ^^

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