GACC 2009 – Day 1 Cosplay Report

Luka, Miku & Rin
Luka, Miku & Rin Cosplayer

Just got back From Melaka, went to GACC 2009 for the whole 2 days. Here’s some preview, but to tire to do one now. Looking back at the photo that i take, maybe will be finishing it by tomorrow afternoon. But 1st Enjoy the 1st edited Cosplay photo that i take ^^. (P/s- This post will be updated by tomorrow afternoon T__T….)

GACC 2009 Day 1, there were ALOT of cosplayer i miss some of them due to lack of time & i was pretty much tired. There was the Code Geas, Naruto, Vocaloid, Hetalia, Maria+holic, Vampire Hunter, Air gear, Macross Frontier, TTGL, Suzumiya Haruhi, Random Lolita, Random Nurse + i miss a lot and now I’m not sure who else was there ~~. The hall was great, lighting was sufficient enough to take a photo without any flash. But most of my shoot were taken with flash ^^.

I also meet a lot of cosplayer some of them i already knew online had the chance to meet them like, Mashimaru, Megu, Mochi Mochi, Fang Fang, Amal, wendy, Taka, Reno and others more (sorry guys if i miss out T__T I’m really bad at remembering stuff), thanks guys for the photo shoot ^^. Also I meet with couple of ‘Taiko photographer ^^.

Day 1 was really Fun ^^..

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