GACC 2009 – Day 2 Cosplay Report

Ranka & sherly never fail me~~~
Ranka & Sherly never fail me~~~

Well finish uploading GACC 2009 day 2 cosplay photo.. report will be coming up ^^…. Enjoy the photo….


11 thoughts on “GACC 2009 – Day 2 Cosplay Report

  1. @ultimaweaponx: thanks ^^
    @kluxorious: i’m not quite sure … but i think got.. n i think i miss it~~~~~

  2. I wish I weeent! I couldn’t go cos my dad’s a bit paranoid about swine flu. Won’t let me go where big crowds are. Nice pictures 🙂 No Bleach cosplays. Disappointing :/

  3. @hana: huhu it was fun ^^ u should have go ^^ lucky i’ not that paranoid bout swine flu~~ ^^ thanks.. i think got some but… seem that i miss them huhu

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