~~Taking a break~~


Well… i’m taking a break taking a bit fom posting GACC event.. seem that the never ending GACC photo editing .. what did i do i my break?.. just tidying the room abit. Never clean it after coming back from Abu dhabi.


A pic of my room before clean up… yeah the desk is like a trash can ..


where i put my figure…is kinda messy also… need some tydi up. After a haft an hour doing cleaning it all came up with this:-


a cleaner enviroment…… good to start blogging… or something..


Some of the gundam & figure were put at the desk conner…. easy to see ^^


re-arrange the top section… seem to be as same as previous…. well.. at least done some thing….. ha..ha..


manage to finish cherudim… 1/144 kit… the night before…


Mkuru maid teaching rei how to clean up……. rei just arrive in my room…


she does look abit blur… well… it’s ayanami rei….

oh yeah,,….


steel this pic from my bro… wonder what it is…


7 thoughts on “~~Taking a break~~

  1. “wonder what it is…”

    It’s a FABULOUS Mask, designed to make the wearer extremely tall and noodle-like, even if the user is actually less than 175cm tall, but will still resemble Yao Ming.

  2. @hangman: huhuhu really can make u tall mask^^ nice huhuhu
    @snark: she’s kawaii ne… huhu it was a random pic luckly i got her ^^

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