GACC 2009 Event Reveiw


This is where GACC 2009 started at the exam hall in MMU Malaca. Space wise, not to big, not to small. At the 1st day we manage to reach there before GACC start. There were alot of people waiting….


we lepak at the side of the entrance seem i got notting to shoot,the wall become my victim. Saw alot of G4CC poster…. even saw a doujin group?…


But at the back of the poster was the Comic Fiesta 2009 poster…


People starting to que up for GACC, but we’re still sticking at the corner taking people photo… seem alot of people wearing the H1N1 prevention mask…. (i didnt wear them)


Manage to sneak inside before they open the hall… prety much they are not ready yet… but love the ceiling, curve like shape + 1 for the good lighting. It really help the photograper ^^. 


some animax poster on the way in…. (didnt manage to kidnap the poster tho…..quite big~~)


 When people start coming in… (the ceiling look great…)


 Went to some doujin both.. they got really good art book ^^ (didnt buy tho.. ~__~) + we werent supposed to take photo at their both…. oh well.. there’s alot of doujin booth on the event.. but i didnt manage to get all the pic.. they sell some pretty nice stuff ^^ .. but i was to high taking cosplay photo~~~~ nyoro~~n


some selling stuff animal + etc… i was hopping for a doujin manga… but didnt find much~~


 This what u can see at the center of the hall… i fail to get the whole are photo~~~~~~~~~~~~  


another view…


the stage~~~ seem that they were telling us something.. forgot already lolz~~~


 The Figure

Some figure pic i manage to get from GACC event, those i think is intresting ^^


Konata Nendoroid… always impress me ^^


Another unidentify nendoroid…… pretty nice ^^ love the expression ^^


A different emotion more happy~~


Cosplay nendoroid lucky star FTW!!!!!


Saber konata …. really nice ^^ can see my eyes glow when looking at her~~~

The Figure Mall

The figure mall also did some showcase of their figure ^^


fogot her name~~~~


another uname figure… neko ears… FTW


er… also forgot the name……..




Suzumiya haruhi Gekisouver. ^^ very nice


Louse… lolita ^^ ver. + flat chest


another louse.. normal ver…. (went will they come up with S&M ver….)


enma ai… same row with louse..


Lucky star… the hiragi sisters in miko outfit ^^ ver nice~~

Overall the event was awesome (it was my 2nd acg event) for both days, the only bad thing is they had a really bad start.. they didnt start in time on the 1st day.. that’s pretty bad for me~~~ space wise it’s ok u, a graet place tp drag cosplay out of the hall and find a good shooting area ^^.

Hope next year would be more fun then this year + they have to improve the food stall there!!!.. only 1 shop open on both day.. less food.. people have to go out to get some decent food… ~___~, for an anime convention it’s not very likely people will go out of the area of the convention….. lolz… we rather stick inside the area.. please provide better food stal nex time ~__~, other then that i have no complain ~~ love the event .. the mc was great  ^^


They even help cosplayer on their post ^^ DMC Krouser rox huhu forgot the other character…

Hope for the best next year ^^…


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