Figma – Tsuruya-san (Maid Ver.)


Figma Tsuruya-san (maid version), Tsuruya-san can be said as a minor character in suzumiya haruhi, but event she’s a minor character she got her own figma figure ^^ this time it’s the maid ver. On the anime ^^. I really like the outfit, maid outfit ^^ who can resist!!.


Well she come with 1 extra face, 2 cup, 1 plate of noodle like meal, a chopstick and a tray. Also include the standard stand and the standard figma hand ^^.


The Figure are quite hard to stand due to the weight of her hair… (it’s heavy~~~), it fell down many time on this shoot. quality wise well it’s a figma, the detail are quite nice, the color ok i guess. but there’s abit of dent here and there but notting major.


some posed, i’m trying to imitate a Max Factory scale figure posed this was the best i can do~~~ not so nice ~__~


Full body shoot~~~ (ar.. the shadow)


another imitation posed from a scale figure (due to lack of creativity in my head i only manage to posed it from what i see in the net). Oh yeah the face are taken from tsuruya school uniform ver.


Well Emiri Kimidori head also taken from the school uniform ver. that come with tsuruya. Emiri Kimidori I really forgot her name~~~ she only appeare on one episode of suzumiya haruhi season 1 after that she’s gone~~ (there’s a posibility that she’s an alien~~)


Some wide shoot~~~~ even a side character got a figure ~~


and My main reason for buying tsuruya-san was this!!! mikuru in maid ver.!! maid outfit FTW!! especially when mikuru wear it ^^


Wide shoot~~~


Nya~~nya~~ posed~~~ all the hard work come to this ^^~~


donno why i posed it like this~~ but hell i like it^^


Closed up ^^


They should have include neko ears~~~ it would be awesome!!!


Oh yeah tsuruya hand also come with a grapping hand. it’s easy for her to rape mikuru eyes~~~ i dont remember she’s doing this in the anime tho.. only remember haruhi doing it to mikuru oh well ^^


Some wide shoot ~~

Overall the figure are great ^^ love the outfit very suitable for maid lover’s ^^ i had this figure for quite some time, but only today i had open it~~ still got bunch of them do open ~___~. now i’m hopping that figma will come out with the maid ver. that mikuru wear in the SOS brigade room^^. it would be a fine collection for me ^^


5 thoughts on “Figma – Tsuruya-san (Maid Ver.)

  1. @ultimaweaponx: woo… scale are expensive~~ can afford to by scale ^^ figma would be fine even tho got some quality problem ^^ u can pose whatever posed u wanted ^^

  2. ultimaweaponx : was thinking to get the scaled one, but when i was about to buy it, out of stock ady

    but im glad figma release it nicely

    p.s mine still in the box lol

    (sorry ultima… i accidentally deleted ur coment~~ gomen)

  3. @kodomut: yeah she is^^ but her screen play were very short in Suzumiya haruhi~~ lol~~

    Maid uniform FTW!!! huhu

  4. I got the school uniform version of Tsuruya. Sadly, her hands are pretty loose. She is quite top heavy. Haven’t photographed her yet. She stays mostly in box cuz’ I don’t have time to.

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